Sunday, March 5, 2017

Impact Implosion for Mar. 2 - Broken Matt Is Leaving Impact


This truly is a sad show because 6 people are no longer part of TNA, including the joy of Impact every week....The Broken Hardys. We also lost former world champion Drew Galloway, Former X Division Champion Mike Bennett, and former Knockout Champions Jade & Maria. Now Maria and Miracle I'm okay with....but losing Jade (who was the only really great Knockout who can fight champion Rosemary right now) and Drew Galloway (who is great in almost every match of his) just sucks. So while this show is okay, its just too damn depressing and we had already dealt with reading one day of spoilers (and sadly they rarely got better) so I may be drinking in future episodes of Impact Implosion. Oh and this show got fucking cut as hell too. 

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