Saturday, February 11, 2017

Impact Implosion for Feb. 9, 2017 - Who's Next for Lashley?

*Sigh* Well, good news is Impact was better this week than last week, but the bad news is this show still sucked. We had the weakest ever Franklin vs. Eddie Edwards match (because it was all about the heel turn of Davey and nothing else), another moment of the DCC being made to look like goobers, Aron Rex vs. Robbie E, Drew Galloway having to try to have a Grand Title Match with Mahabali Shera, and the shenanigans that lead to Braxton accidentally proposing marriage to Laurel. Now there are only two good segments (no good matches) in the Hardys beginning their Expedition of Gold and the Helms Dynasty exploding. We also had the most awkward Schitt's Creek schill by Josh Mathews.

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