Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Impact Implosion for July 5, 2016 - "The Final Deletion"

It has been anticipated and looked forward to....and now TNA delivers the Final Deletion. It is the most ass backwards thing I have seen in years and much like Claire Lynch years ago, Mike and I could not stop laughing at this insanity. Now before you listen, I must warn you that we must talk about the entire show and the show last week (which I missed due to being at the Rifftrax MST3K Reunion show) and while there are some highlights to talk about with that, it won't compare to the insanity that is The Final Deletion. So sit back and enjoy us talking about two shows and what hopefully is the end to the only real choice for Wrestlecrap's Gooker and AMP's Golden Turducken in this Hardy feud. 

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