Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Impact Implosion for May 3 - Lashley vs. Hardy vs. Bennett

TNA once again falls on its ass with another bad episode of Impact (although not as bad as two weeks ago). This really seemed like a filler episode where everything that happened here was just set-up for later down the road. We had another short match with a ladder, we had a match that I completely freaking forgot about until the main event (meaning I had to look up who won the match for the show), and we had an okay triple threat match. That was all the wrestling you would get and everything else would be backstage skits or in-ring segments. Now, I don't mind segments, but you really need to pace both the wrestling and segments well, which this show did not do. I also made a correction on the Scott Steiner story from several weeks ago and we really went into how terrible Rebel vs. Shelly Martinez is (Mike surprisingly undersold how bad it was in his original Knockouts Knockdown review). 

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