Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GOP, I'm done with you

Dear Republicans,

Since 2000, I have had no problem considering myself a Republican. And if you know my twitter, I have fought back against morons who are liberal who have tried to generalize all of us as racist elitists who dont care about anything except for what makes them successful. I have fought against people who say we are ruining the country and we are the reason politicians have a bad rep. I have been willing to do that for so long.

But lately, that has gotten harder and harder for me to do. In Virginia for the gubernatorial race, I had to vote for a third party candidate because in the Republicans infinite wisdom, they nominated for their choice a man who was a dumbass nutcase named Ken Cuccinelli. And when I did that and Ken unsurprisingly lost, I got called a RINO (which means Republican In Name Only). I'm not going to get into how insulting that was by moron whacka-doodle-doos to say I am not a true Republican when I existed longer than those Tea Party morons have.

So now, I am at my breaking point. Today, the people I thought were fellow Republicans have decided to sell their souls to a devil so they can have a man who they believe can speak good by the name of Donald J. Trump. It seems that despite every red flag imaginable that says this guy isn't good and if he wins, will make this country worse in every way, the right have decided he should be their nominee for the next president like:

* Thin skin (he will either cyber bully, make false allegations, or sue anyone who has anything negative to say about him)
* Tolerates hate groups (it took him freaking forever to disavow the KKK and their former grand wizard endorsing him, saying he did not know enough about them....despite not knowing anything about most Mexicans and Muslims before taking a complete shit on them)
* Terrible person to debate with (I have seen him interrupt debates when it isnt his turn and break every damn rule in the book)
* Lie about business practices (He said he never settles when he settled in two cases where it was clear he BSed people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars; say he has never been broke when his own kids have said that he told them that he was so in debt that he was envious of homeless people; says if it has his name on it, then it is great, when his business ventures has declared Chapter 11 many times)
* Has reminisced about bad things like they were good (like wishing security would brutally assault protestors at his own events like in the old days)
* Has called on other people to do things, but when asked about his stuff, he refuses to do (He has called for proof of birth in this country and other nonsense on others while when asked to reveal his taxes like most candidates do, he says no f***ing way)
* Will blame everyone else except his own stupidity for bad things happening (like blaming faulty earpiece for why he didnt disavow that former KKK Grand Wizard earlier)
* Seeming to be more like dictators than men who can run a free world (He retweeted a quote from Benito Mussolini)

Basically, this guy seems like Hitler than anyone we have ever had and yet idiots want to vote for him and want him to be the man with his finger on the button. I will not stand idly by while this happens so starting tonight, I am pissing on the elephant that symbolizes the GOP and I am burning the bridge to ever coming back. I am basically done with your party. From now on, when people ask me what my party affiliation will be, I will say Independent because while I will not go to the Democrat side, I can not wake up in the morning and say I am a Republican. The Republican name has been tainted forever and I want no part of this carnival act. Hopefully, you will get your ass kicked in the upcoming Presidential election because otherwise, I will do everything within my power to see that I move to Canada (cold being bad for my Multiple Sclerosis, be damned).

James G. Hughes Jr.
The Man behind Monster Crap and its characters

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