Saturday, September 19, 2015

Monster Crap October 2015 Induction Poll ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper Month)

Originally, this induction would be me honoring my favorite actor Tim Curry by nominating one of his films for the October induction. However, real life intervened as a man who I was planning on meeting at the Monster Mania show in Hunt Valley, Maryland in "Rowdy" Roddy Piper has passed away. The man was obviously a pro wrestling Hall of Famer, but he was also a great actor being in great movies like They Live. However, he was in plenty of films that may fit into the category of Monster Crap so we are doing "Rowdy" Roddy Piper Month. However, there are only 9 films I can nominate at this time so we will not be doing the usual 10 nominees for this poll.

And the nominees are:

Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988)
Rowdy Piper Is The Only Man With Any Sperm Left So Of Course They Put A Bomb On His Junk So They Can Force Him To Save Women From Mutant Frog-People. Sounds A Bit Like Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face.

Immortal Combat (1994)
Rowdy Piper Teams Up With Sonny Chiba To Take On Immortal Ninjas, Led By Malibu Of American Gladiators. Oooh.....You Had Me Until You Mentioned Malibu As The Lead Bad Guy.

Sci-Fighters (1996)
Piper Takes On A Man With An Alien Virus. Sounds Good Until You Realize The Bad Guy Is Billy Drago And Billy Drago Starring In Anything Normally Ends Badly

Legion: The Final Exorcism (2006)
Roddy Piper In An Exorcism Movie...Blame The Fact That His Daughter Is The Female Lead

Ghosts Of Goldfield (2007)
Not Even Roddy Piper Can Save This Film From The Awfulness Of Kellan Lutz

The Mystical Adventures Of Billy Owens (2008)
This Movie's Plot Was Lost....In The RIVER!!! Thank Roddy Piper For A Great Line In An Otherwise Poorly Acted Harry Potter Rip-Off

The Portal (2010)
Phantom Diseases With Roddy Piper...Sounds Fun, Right. Well, Michael Madsen Is In It And You Know He Is Bringing His "Not Giving A Shit Performance"

Alien Opponent (2010)
Roddy Piper Is In Another Film That Is Awesomely Bad In Humans Vs. One Alien In An All Out Gauntlet.

Pro Wrestlers Vs. Zombies (2014)
Spoiler: Roddy Piper Is The Best Actor Here Of The Wrestlers.....Obviously

Poll closes on September 26 at 12 AM

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