Monday, December 15, 2014

My Resignation Towards WWE's Current Product

As a lot of you may know, I am a pro wrestling fan and I still am. The idea that made me enjoy pro wrestling was the idea of fights being made to work within a storyline and one thing I could normally count on as a wrestling fan is that when the time was right, new superstars would be made and pushed. Unfortunately as of lately, it seems that WWE has decided that they don't need to make new stars and then when nobody new gets over, they say no one can get over as their reason for they need the same tired stars and the reason why they need to go to the part-timers to be in main events.

Last year, I decided to watch Monday Night Football over Monday Night Raw and it seemed I didn't miss much. Then I went into this year hoping the company would maybe push a certain guy who they had been jerking around throughout the year in Daniel Bryan to WrestleMania. But instead, they decided they would have a part-time wrestler and full-time actor Batista win the Royal Rumble and their plan for Mania was such (Batista vs. Orton for the world title, HHH vs. CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan once again facing a newly turned heel Sheamus). Thankfully, I was not the only one who saw that BS and things forced things to change (like CM Punk deciding WWE could kiss his ass and he went home, the crowd and former wrestling talent burying the Royal Rumble decision) and because of that, Daniel Bryan beat HHH and then both Orton & Batista in a triple threat match at WrestleMania to become the world champion.

However, it seemed that despite that great moment (that moment caused me to be a man of my word and I bought the WWE Network, something I am glad I did), WWE decided every step of the way to still tell us that despite what being forced to give us what we wanted, it would only be for one night because things were going to be the same. Daniel Bryan was injured before they could do what they had planned to ruin his push and he had to relinquished the world title.

Meanwhile, the main thing that has made me love the WWE Network besides reliving past events and some good documentaries, was a little show that was basically their developmental property for new stars called NXT. If you watch NXT and then watch Raw or Smackdown or their normal special events, it will be night and day in quality as we see one product gets it and the other (even bigger product) is way behind the times.

Thursday, I watched NXT's latest special show NXT Takeover: [R] Evolution and holy crap was that a spectacular show. So because of that, I decided that since there would be no way that the WWE special show that would be happening a few days later, TLC (& Stairs (Don't ask me why they did that stupid thing)), I would see if I could maybe miss an event and maybe WWE will shock me, make me regret missing it. Turns out from the results and from people's opinions, that was not the case. In fact, the fact that a certain guy (Dean Ambrose this time) was made to look like a complete buffoon despite being really hot with the crowd (see a pattern here) made my blood sort of boil before I just sighed and thought about how to react.

After nearly 24 hours to think about it, I have decided to post this blog on my ultimate decision. It is with much resignation and sadness that I announce that despite loving wrestling (and WWE was a huge part of that), that I can no longer watch Raw & Smackdown or any of the other TV shows that are mainly for the main roster. In fact, I will not be watching most of the main roster's special events except for 5 (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Money In The Bank, Summerslam, & Survivor Series). However, I will be keeping the network so I can continue to watch older shows and documentaries as well as the excellently booked NXT.

This decision is not something that is coming out of pure anger and a complete spur of the moment. This was coming for a long time as I have been getting furious with watching the main show every week. I will still be watching some independent wrestling when I can and I will still be staying with TNA Impact just so I can work with my good friends at the Angry Marks Podcast Network and continue the great Impact Implosion show. So while I will keep up with results just so I can know what is going on with the special events I will watch.

So with that said, hopefully this week or next week (two days after Christmas), I will have the induction of The Happening.

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