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Monster Crap Inductee: The Killer Eye (1999)

Monster Crap Inductee: The Killer Eye
This Eye Needs To Be On The Sex Offenders List


Are you sure you want to do this one, Pete? I mean, compared to your first two selections, this one is pretty tame on the porn aspect and pretty messed up on everything else

You’re damn right I do. Not all my selections are going to be pure porn and this one is good enough for me. Besides, I think you need a film once in a while that just makes you go “what the fuck”.

Okay, well folks…it’s time to do another Charles Band movie.

Yes, I know…you might be surprised that Charles Band would be responsible for a film that could be close to porn (don’t worry, I am too). But according to IMDB, they have done actually several of these (like Zorrita: Passion’s Avenger, The Mistress Club, Diary of Lust, and so on). But unlike most of those films, this one also has with us a guy at the directing helm who is infamous with bad movies in David Decoteau.

The man who is responsible for such films as Creepozoids, Totem, Prehysteria 3, & Sorority Babes at the Slime Bowl-O-Rama, in the 90s was one of the directors that Charles Band did go to on many of Full Moon’s films. Then in the 2000s, he decided to venture out on his own and do his own movies (although going back to Full Moon to do the most recent Puppet Master non-crossover movie) and for the most part, he actually somewhat tried with his films making two films a year. But starting in 2009, David Decoteau decided to stop giving a crap and make more than 5 movies a year with the cheapest of ease. That’s where we get the 1313 series (which are all basically films that are swarmed with shirtless guys) and the easily hated A Talking Cat?!

No, I Have No Plans At This Time To Do That Film Because That Would Mean I Would Actually Have To Watch The Film And Going By Other’s Reviews….Dear Lord, I Probably Go Insane And Go On A Murderous Rampage.

Heck, he even did a film that I nominated for the GINO Award last year in Hansel & Gretel: Warriors Of Witchcraft, the ripoff film where the main character’s names are NOT Hansel & Gretel. So yeah, if I go by the later years, I would so hate this man and put him on my worst directors list, but films like this make me say that he actually had some talent. Of course the only person in this film who has past Monster Crap experience is Linnea Quigley in an uncredited role as a shower girl on TV.

So without further ado….let’s get into The Killer Eye.

First I Need To Mention That This Is Under Full Moons’ Pulp Fantasy Line Of Films Which Specializes In Non-Full Moon Type Horror Films, Meaning It Is Any Horror Film That Doesn’t Deal With Puppets.

We officially begin this film at the apartment of Dr. Jordan Grady.

Dr. Grady is basically doing an experiment involving this telescope-like machine and the human eye of a willing person, who is being paid to take part in this experiment. And who is this person who has basically consented to this experiment.

This Guy Whose Name In The Credits Is Street Kid. And Yeah, You Can See How You Could Kind Of Get The Idea That David Decoteau Likes Gay Porn.

Anyway, Dr. Grady thanks this kid for accepting his offer. He tells the kid relax as he plants to put some eye drops in one of his eyes. The kid is offering him sex (he is a gigolo) because his rates are the same, but Jordan says no thanks. He gives him a seat as he puts the eye drop on his right eye.

My Dog Knows What That Is Like And She Hates That I Have To Do It Every Day To Keep Her Eye Moist Since It Is A Cherry Eye.

Not going to bore you on what that is so if you are interested, feel free to look it up because this induction will still be here when you get back and you won’t even have to worry about the hassle of pausing a video.

He tells the kid that in a few minutes after the solution takes effect, he wants the kid to look into the telescope-like device and then simply describe what he sees. He mentions that through all of this, he may be the very first person to see inside the 8th Dimension. Of course they are interrupted by Dr. Grady’s wife Rita.

Played By The Extremely Attractive Jacqueline Lowell, Who Was Kind Of My First Porn Crush.

Ah, I see why you wanted me to do this film.

I’ve seen her in such things as Who Killed Buddy Blue, and I’m Watching You. Yeah, sadly I haven’t seen her in much stuff. But she always left in impact.

Moving on, the kid seems to have a little crush of his own on the guy’s wife and Dr. Grady tells her that he is in the middle of something. Rita says he is cute and she hopes he doesn’t blind him like the last one. The kid seems a little worried there, but Jordan assures him that she was just joking. He says he is going to talk to his wife and just tell him when his eye starts to tingle. He goes over to his wife and says it was not funny mentioning that the last guy was blinded (so yeah, that legit happened). Rita of course is tired of paying for the hospital bills of these patients (meaning she has money). Jordan explains that when this is all over, it will be worth it in the end. Rita of course also wants sex since she is the type of girl who needs a lot of attention.

While they are arguing, the kid gets that tingling feeling in his eye and tries to tell the doctor, but he is too busy arguing with his wife to even notice. So the kid decides to put his eye into the telescope like device.

Luckily There Was Not Ink Around That Eyepiece

Suddenly we hear a laser sound and the kid starts to go back. You can see that something is extremely wrong with his eye and then…

Yeah, Basically His Eye Enlarges And Exits Out Of His Head.

The Killer Eye, Ladies And Gentlemen.

Jordan tells his wife to go for a walk and visit the neighbors because that always seems to cool her down. Meanwhile, the eye is looking at certain things on the wall.

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine As To Why Dr. Jordan Grady Has Those When He Seems To Be Specializing In Eyes. But I Guess This Is To Move The Plot Along.

Jordan goes back to the room and finds out that his patient basically lost his eye and is now dead.

Well, I Don’t Think Death Is Going To Be Something That Is Handled With A Simple Payday From Your Wife

He realizes that it got inside and instead of you know, warning someone about this…he decides he wants to cover this up.

Then We Get Our Opening Title Sequence….7 Minutes Into The Damn Film. Dear God, I Freaking Hate When That Happens.

We then go through the opening credits.

Rolfe Kanefsky Wrote This, Huh? Well, That Is Interesting

What do you mean?

Oh, you’ll find out…in due time


I Guess I Have To Add That David Decoteau Also Liked To Use Alias For Films He Directed.

Yep…David Decoteau had Pseudonyms like David Doe, David McCabe, Julien Breen, Richard Chasen (like in this film), Jack Reed, Joseph Tennent, Ellen Cabot, Victoria Sloan, & Mary Crawford.

Hey, those last three are names for women.

Yeah, stuff like that and stuff later in this film makes me think that Decoteau might have been giving something away about his private life.

Wait, what do you mean later on in the film?

Oh, there is a few shirtless guys in their underwear in this film.


But don’t worry…I don’t think this was meant to be gay porn. This is a monster movie with porn elements. I don’t like gay porn either.

Back to the film, we meet the neighbors, who are these two stoners.

Yep, You Could Definitely See David Decoteau All Over This Film

These two guys talk about their highs. Rita shows up and we learn the two stoners’ names are Joe and Tom. Rita has a very special favor to ask of them, which the guys mention that they have done these special favors before. Rita explains that she is high maintenance and since her husband did say he wants her to be happy, she thinks it is okay if she cheats on him.

Elsewhere in the same building, we meet another couple named Jane and Morton.

Apparently, these two haven’t gone out for a night because Morton works as an assistant for Jordan, who basically needs him all the time so now it seems like they are going to be able to go out for a night. Of course, Jordan comes in and says he needs his assistance immediately so yep, that special night isn’t going to be happening tonight. Jordan says this will only take a couple of minutes, but you know that normally is BS.

He tells Morton that he needs a couple extra hands moving the body and Morton wonders what the hell happened. Jordan tries to say it is a cadaver that he borrowed from the hospital, but the fact that it is clothed, he is missing an eye, and the wound is freaking recent. Morton basically says that we are just going to pretend all of what he said is true since he is his employee. They then put the body in a crate

Meanwhile, we find out what Rita’s special favor is.

Basically Joe Has Sex With Her While Tom Watches, Rubbing His Chest.

The Killer Eye & The Horny Owl Are Watching As Well.

Both guys decide the need some rest in the middle of sex and she basically calls them amateurs. Meanwhile, as Jordan and Morton are moving the crate, Jordan says he might have made a breakthrough with the machine, but nothing is conclusive yet. He lies about the subject doing great, but Morton realizes that the “cadaver” is the dead body of the subject. He explains that it was all an accident, but the police won’t understand so they have to hide the body.

Then they meet the guy’s whose name is on the credits, and I am not making this up, Creepy Bill.

I guess with him popping out of nowhere and the fact that he does speak like a creep, the name suits him. He recommends they just get rid of the whole thing since they are just putting it in the attic, but they would rather not and they have other things to do so they just leave it with Bill. Yeah, leaving a dead body in a crate with a guy, I don’t see how that can possibly go wrong.

The Killer Eye goes up to the three who are lying in bed and decides to molest the woman.

Tom wakes up, but the eye zaps him and makes him go back to sleep.

The Killer Eye continues his molesting (and we even see breasts in this scene) as Joe wakes up, sees it, and screams, causing the eye to leave while waking everyone up.

Oh No….It’s That Trollenberg Terror Dream Again. No!!!!!!

He tries to tell the other two what he saw, but Rita and Tom, who was basically zapped and apparently forgot that, claim that he was high and just seeing things. Tom then basically believes that he was high with no argument.

Morton tells Jordan that he doesn’t appreciate the doctor for making him an accessory. Jordan explains that he made one of the greatest scientific discovery and knows firsthand (through scientific mumbo jumbo) that the kid’s eye punched a hole through the 8th Dimension and something came through it. Jordan has machines that he can use to detect where it is (basically like Geiger counters so they can go and find whatever came out of the 8th Dimension. The doctor tells his assistant to check all the buildings with the counter and see if he finds it while he stays here and processes the data. Of course the doctor also believes that the thing cannot be bigger than a marble, but you can already see where that is wrong.

Meanwhile, Jane is on the treadmill and is mad that another promise of a night out is ruined. And yes, the Killer Eye is also there.

Jane goes and takes a shower and the Killer Eye follows.

We see everything from Jane. Boobs, vagina, and ass.



Oh dear god, guys….let me induct the damn thing. Okay, meanwhile, Rita is upset that Joe and Tom weren’t able to give her the needs she wanted and of course, Morton shows up. Rita tries to get Morton to fulfill her sexual needs, but Morton isn’t having it as he is happily married. Also, he knows she is cheating on Jordan and if she doesn’t stop trying to hit on him, he will tell his boss about it. Also, the device in his hand basically says there is a lot of whatever that Killer Eye has, on Rita.

He basically goes back to Dr. Grady to say it is broken. Meanwhile the Killer Eye shoots lasers into Jane’s eyes

Now as she is basically willing to do whatever, it molests her.

The eye then leaves after Tom wakes up from a nightmare because I guess somehow they were psychically connected in that moment somehow, I don’t know why. Jane just wonders what the hell happens, but continues to take her shower.

Back at the Grady residence, Jordan looks at his data and believes the result will somehow complicate matters and runs into Creepy Bill, who basically told him that yeah…he found the body in the crate. Bill wants to talk about it so Jordan agrees to that.

Rita still tries to have sex with Tom & Joe, but both of them are out of it so it’s a no go and with them being so high, she leaves.

The Eye then decides to play some music and massage Jane, who believes that it is Morton trying to make up for him basically not keeping the promise of their special date.

Dammit Eye, Can You Keep It In Your Figurative Pants.

Morton comes in and they both see the Eye who shoots both of them with its lasers.

Now with them both under his control, he has Morton set Jane up so the Eye can molest her as he hypnotically watches and runs his chest.

Morton accidentally knocks over the light and because of that light, that bothers the Eye and it runs away.

Bright Light! Bright Light!

Back at the Grady place, Creepy Bill talks about the situation as Jordan is planning on killing him with his keyboard.

That all changes when Bill says to Jordan that he’s not going to blackmail them at all, he just trying to clear things up. Actually, this makes sense as Bill seems like the perfect creepy guy who doesn’t desire blackmail whatsoever and just wants to understand the situation. He even says that when you tell on others, you’re really just telling on yourself.

Both Morton and Jane wake up from their hypnosis and wonder what the hell happened. He then goes back to the last thing he remembers and goes to tell Grady about the Eye.

Jordan tells Bill that we cannot tell anyone which Bill agrees to, and when Rita shows up, he accidentally tells her that the street kid is in the attic, because he thought as his wife, she already knew. Meanwhile, the Killer Eye goes back inside the body of the street kid. And of course the Eye controlled corpse shows up in front of Rita.

Of course, Rita is looking for sex and with the Eye, the body seems okay with it. Jordan and Bill show up to ruin what was going to happen with their flashlights and the eye runs out of the street kid. They of course seeing him move, think that he was just on drugs, but then realizes that yeah…he is dead. The Killer Eye then tries once more and laser eyes Rita into maybe giving him some sex.

Jordan yells at it to get away from his wife, but the Eye just zaps his arm. Morton comes in and flashes a flashlight into the Eye, causing it to run away and breaking the trance Rita was under.

Run Away, Run Away!!!
Rita then wonders if someone who has been doing eye experiments has something to say. Jordan then says that scarred retinas and some blindness are the stuff that he is used to dealing with, but this giant eyeball is a new one on him. They of course realize that it can be scared off by light and is one horny eye. Jordan also explains that the Killer Eye is a creature from the 8th dimension that has gone into the kid’s eyeball. Rita wants to get the hell out of here, but Jordan believes that since this is his experiment, he will not allow it to be dealt with anyone else. Rita tries to leave on her own, but Jordan blackmails her into staying by admitting that yeah, she is technically an accessory.

Back at the pad, Dr. Grady believes that this thing is a hermaphrodite, but it may have only the male part come through so maybe it is looking for females. So in essence, Jordan….it is basically a male who wants to get his freak on and not really a hermaphrodite. Morton mentions that Jane is at their place with no memory of it and he would like to keep it that way.

Jordan then explains that by possessing a human eye, it is stuck with the limitations of a human eye which is being very sensitive to life and needing brain matter to nourish it. Without the brain matter needed to survive and bright light, they believe they can kill it. Bill then says since it has been roaming around for hours, it has to be getting tired.

So we go to Joe and Tom’s place, where they are watching a woman take a shower from a movie. This is where Linnea Quigley shows up as she is making out with some guy, but there is a very good reason she is uncredited for this as they are just watching the movie she was in called Creepozoids (which was an Alien rip-off) where this scene happens. So really, I shouldn’t give Linnea Quigley responsibility for being in this film as it was just stuff from another movie.

Tom has to go to the bathroom and that is when the Killer Eye shows up.

Whatcha Watching?

The Killer Eye then enters Joe’s skull. Tom comes back in and Joe says that he needs female and Tom says there is one on the television. Of course, Joe tries to enter the tv, but no luck as Tom just says if he wants the real thing, then maybe he should go find Rita. Joe shows up at the Grady place and Morton tells Joe to look after Jane for them, which Joe agrees to.

Joe shows up at the place where Jane is and covers the lights before making the moves on her. Jane still out of it, asks Joe for a glass of water, which he gets for her. After doing some searching and Tom goes looking for Joe, after Rita insults him by calling him pathetic for being high. Joe tries to massage Jane and when she turns around, she sees Joe without an eye and the Killer Eye behind him.

Tom comes in and seeing how the Killer Eye just killed his best friend, he wants to kill this Eye. Of course everyone else shows up and they are all caught up to speed on this Killer Eye and conveniently, the Killer Eye decides to attack the electricity so the lights are out, but Jordan has a backup power supply so he decides to go and turn that on while everyone heads to the Grady pad. Jordan gets the backup generator on, but the Killer Eye is there waiting.

Morton explains that the original experiment was for a person to see into the 8th Dimension which is an alternate plain or reality, which Bill jokes about it being like New Jersey. Hey, I lived in Jersey and it is just as messed up as many other states in the union. Basically somehow, Jordan’s experiment worked too well and not only was a person able to see the 8th Dimension, but something from the 8th dimension was able to enter their world and now it is trying to do procreation to keep it’s species alive in this world. Morton explains that if Jordan doesn’t come back, he suggests they set a trap, surrounding it with a series of lights.

Jordan shows up and he wants to talk with Rita privately. He gives the others what he says is a cross-dimensional time bomb, basically saying that we can get the eye into the trap, get five minutes to run away and set off the bomb. Of course, we never get the ramifications of this plan and how it will screw other people, because the time bomb he is referring to is just a regular digital stop watch, and now they know that Jordan was playing them all for fools so he can get Rita alone with the Eye.

And yes, that was the idea of Jordan as he introduces Rita to the Eye and explains that he is trying to let his experiment exist in our world and if the Eye needs females, then he will give it females starting with his wife.

In return of course, the Eye will give him a way to open up a portal to the 8th Dimension so we can have a whole world with these little guys. Of course Rita wonders what he is talking about and Jordan then says that this eye is not here by accident, but is here as an advanced scout for the invasion fleet. Rita now wants a divorce lawyer and everyone shows up to ruin his plan while Jordan says “Curses”. Tom tries to attack, but the Eye kills him.

They hit it with the flashlights and the Eye runs away. The crew goes after it as Jordan follows in an attempt to stop them from ruining everything. In a final stand, the Eye also kills Bill.

Going Back To The Same Place He Came Out Of…..Nowhere

Rita turns on the lights to the room and the Eye is now trapped. Rita says that the only way out for the Eye is to go back where it came from, and the Eye starts to do that.

Jordan then asks the Eye to take him there as well and they both go into the 8th Dimension.

Jordan Is Probably Gonna Get Gangbanged By Those Eyes
It looks like everything is hunky dory, but have a not so good revelation.

Yep….Next Up For Them Is To Go On Maury Povich And For Maury To Say That The Killer Eye Is Indeed The Father

And that’s how the Killer Eye ends. The Eye wins and it gets away with its molestations.

As I had mentioned we all knew about David Decoteau basically becoming a director who doesn’t even try with his films anymore and is just about making money now. Jacqueline Lowell (who played Rita) would have two more films that could be considered softcore (one released the same year as this and one released in 2001). All of these films including this one were mostly made in 1998, where afterwards she retired from acting to settle down and start a family. In 2002, she went back to acting, but has kept away from roles in softcore films. Costas Koromilas has done a few more films before he stopped acting in 2006, and got married to make-up artist named Kristen Axelson, who they met in his last film and she has stopped doing work too. Blake Adams (who played Creepy Bill) still does work, but mostly as a small role in several TV shows. Unfortunately the depressing is Dave Oren Ward (who played Tom) as after this and doing two more films that would be released later, was stabbed to death in a road rage incident by another actor named Nate Moore on August 2, 1999. Everyone else has done very little otherwise or nothing at all in the case of Nanette Bianchi (who played Jane). In 2011, Charles Band and Full Moon Entertainment released a sequel called Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt.

Now for my opinion on this film. This film is kind of messed up.

Oh come on, I’ve seen worse in Japanese Hentai cartoons.

My point still stands. However, this is strangely the most entertaining of the three porn films you had me review because it is not a complete “We need to have a sex scene every five minutes”, which basically grinds the plot to a huge halt. Yes, this film has those scenes that grind the plot to a halt, but they are not as tedious and you get to see how this thing works. Oh and speaking of the thing, it is actually there, as the monster is a real practical effect and only the lasers are really CGI. So yeah, if you are okay with watching Galaxy of Terror and that infamous scene of a woman getting fucked to death by a creature, then you might be okay with this one as well.

Wait…you are actually giving this a recommendation?

In some weird way, yeah…but only because of the first two films you have shown me being chores to sit through. It’s a freaking monster movie and I do enjoy those. So thanks for showing me this one, even if it is pretty messed up with what the creature does and I still think this Eye should be a registered sex offender. So what do you have next, Pete?

Glad you asked. Remember when I mentioned that it was interesting that Rolfe Kanefsky wrote this film?

Yes…I remember.

Well, it turns out he actually DIRECTED the next film for you to induct on my summer. That film is starring my second porn crush ever Kira Reed and it is….

Alien Files (AKA Sex Files: Alien Erotica)

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