Friday, April 25, 2014

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for April 24th, 2014

Well, it's another one of those Impacts where Mike and I are just so perplexed as to why they did what they did with this episode of Impact. We are serious when we say that TNA really barely let anyone know that there was a PPV this Sunday. This is one of the worst go-home shows I have ever seen in years as it didn't hype the PPV until really the end. In fact, the main event of the PPV was only announced on TV at nearly the end of the show when they had to mention most of the matches at the PPV. Mike and I are truly serious when we believe that this is the type of actions done by a company who has given up and just does not care anymore for the future because the show could die any day now. So yeah...this episode is just two guys trying to make sense of TNA's decision not to even bother with their upcoming PPV.

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