Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for 1/30 - The Mystery Investor!

With the crap that WWE put out as of late that led to the nightmare to watch that was the 2014 Royal Rumble (I do give a bit of my thoughts on that on the show), it is refreshing to see that TNA actually decided to have a great show this week (although I know Bryan and Vinny of F4WOnline would disagree). Yes, there is as always some stupid stuff (ie the fact that TNA kept calling a minivan "a limo"), but the big reveal of the mystery investor was damn good (and made sense considering what we know of the character), Rockstar Spud is still awesome with how pathetic he is (I mean his character is meant to be pathetic, not the performer himself), we have TNA focusing on guys who should be fighting Magnus for the title, and we have a Glasgow, Scotland that was great for every minute of it.

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