Friday, April 12, 2013

Belated R.I.P. Roger Ebert (1970-2013)

I know that this is an extremely late Rest in Peace for Mr. Ebert who died last Friday April 4, 2013, but I have been going through the films that he has reviewed and picking a list of bad films that he himself did not like for this year's October special induction. I haven't gotten the exact number down yet, but it will be done.

The reason I do this with Roger is because like other people said, he didn't review movies just because he could get paid, but he had a passion for films. I believe I have that same passion for certain films that involve monsters (in essence Monster Movies). And while I did disagree with him on films, there would be those that I did agree on (one example is he gave a thumbs up for Spawn, a film that I like, but I know that many people do not).

So condolences go out to all those who will miss Roger and may the man hopefully be joining his late buddy Gene Siskel in heaven, doing the same thing for heaven what he did for us here on Earth and review movies.

RIP Roger Ebert

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