Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 GINO Award Poll

Well 2012 is done so you know what that means..............it's time to decide which movie was the worst movie involving a monster that was released in 2012. We have 18 selections and one of them comes from a very acclaimed director in the world of horror. Now several of these films have not been released on DVD so if they win, my induction of them will have to be delayed till I can get them on DVD with Netflix. Yes, I know..........I'm being a cheap bastard here, but I really don't want to have to spend full retail price on a film that more likely than not, I will be getting rid of next year. That would be rather pointless. Also, I will not be nominating any films that are a sequel to a movie deserving of induction, but hasnt gotten one yet (which means no nomination for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2)

So here are the 20 nominees that you, the voter, will decide is the film that deserves the honor of being the one that you most want inducted immediately.

Fire-Breathing Spiders From Underground That Can Somehow Swim.....And Yet This Film Can Be A Chore To Sit Through
Area 407
Oh I Really Wish The Plane Crash Was The Freaking End

Don't Lock Your Doors Because You Will Be Stuck With Will Truman With No Chance Of Escape

Bigfoot Is Here And He's Really Really Mad. Bigfoot Is Here And He's Really Really Angry

Some Dumbass Attempted To Be Pretentious In A Movie Where All The World's Brand Icons Are Monsters

Chernobyl Diaries
This Film's Boring Plot May Just Be Radioactive

Dario Argento's Dracula
Dear Dario Argento, Don't Do Anymore Remakes

Mirror Mirror
You Know It Must Be Bad When The Snow White Film Starring KRISTEN STEWART Is Better Than Your Snow White Film.

Bin Laden Should Have Stayed Dead.

Piranha 3DD
I Really Liked The Piranha Remake That Was Done In 2010. This Sequel However, Is Freaking Terrible

It's The Awesome Idea Of A Monster Part Piranha & Part Anaconda Vs. The Terrible Directing of Jim Wynorski And Michael Madsen's Acting Like He Don't Give A Shit

Paranormal Activity 4
It's Official: The Paranormal Activity Franchise Has Fallen From Grace

REC 3: Genesis
And Speaking Of Franchises That Have Fallen From Grace, It's The REC Series

Sand Sharks
I Rarely Say This: But I Feel Absolutely Dumber For Having Watched This Movie

ThanksKilling 3
Remember My Love For ThanksKilling? Well, ThanksKilling 3 Took That And Took A Big Shit All Over It. And Before You Ask, This Is Technically The Second Film In The Series (ThanksKilling 2 Is Only Available As A Prop In This Film)

The Apparition
Once You Watch, You Rage

The Devil Inside
Not Even Lucifer Himself Would Want Anything To Do With This Wretched Mess

The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure
The Biggest Box Office Failure In History And It Definately Shows That It Deserves That Dubious Honor

Vampyre Nation (aka True Bloodthirst)
Probably The Most Pissed Off I Have Ever Been At A Film That Debuted On The SyFy Channel

Wrath of the Titans
They Really Made A Sequel To The Film That I Hate The Second Most, And It Is Not Much Of An Improvement

Voting ends January 12, 12 AM

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