Friday, April 20, 2012

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for April 19, 2012

Welcome the newest show on the AngryMarks Podcast Network, Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion! Join us in the LIVE every Thursday at 11:30 PM ET as Seth Drakin & Mike Poulin recap TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring Ka King.

Well.........It's the debut episode of the new show that Mike and myself will be doing. So yes.....I will not be on Ring the Bell doing TNA Spoilers To The Rescue as I will be actually watching the show and commenting on it. I did Spoilers To The Rescue in hopes of maybe making TNA a better company, but at this point...........I have given up trying so now, I will be waiting until TNA dies and when that happens, I will be in perfect position to help with the Death of TNA book. By the way, we had a very funny show TNA and the good show over in India called Ring Ka King.

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