Friday, February 17, 2012

RIP Cookie

These Are The Last Pictures Of My Dog Before We Took Her To The Vet & Had Her Put To Sleep. Despite How Happy I Look, I Was Brought To Tears Once We Got To The Veterinarian

10 years before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and 9 years after I created Monster Crap, I was brought to tears when my family and I had to put our first dog Patches (who had been with me since I was born) to sleep. You could see the pain Patches was suffering as he could not walk and refused to eat and drink. He would just lay in bed, peeing and pooping and one of the few things I regret was I could not be there for Patches when he lost consciousness because I was too emotional.

One few months afterwards, we got a new dog, a Boston Terrier/Beagle mix puppy named Cookie. She was one year old and had come from an abusive family and hated little kids and girls. She got very sick two days after we brought her home and almost didnt survive that illness. She lived for 16 years and through that, she suffered arthritis and partial deafness.

Last week, she started having breathing issues and she could not walk up and down the stairs. We made an appointment for the vet and looking at her, we knew she knew it was time. For a long time, I had joked about her being my intern for Monster Crap. I will miss her greatly.

RIP 1995 - 2012

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