Friday, November 18, 2011

Monster Crap December Induction Poll

Well, the induction of Frogs is almost complete and all that is left is to announce what I am inducting next and like usual........that is all up to you. As usual, we have 10 choices of films that I own and you get to decide which film will be the last induction before the 2011 GINO Award happens.

And the nominees are......

The Fog (2005)
Well Known For Being One Of The Worst Remakes Of All Time

Teenage Caveman (2002)
Worst Remake Of A Roger Corman Film.........................EVER!!!!

Bats (1999)
Is It Just Me Or Do These Bats Suck Feces Instead Of Blood

War Of The Worlds (2005)
To Coincide With The Spielberg Borefest, The Asylum Released Its Own Version Of This H.G. Wells Epic, Starring Soul Man

Chupacabra Terror (2005)
This Film Can Go Suck A Goat's Nut

The Last Sentinel (2007)
Even The Fanboys Delight Known As Katee Sackhoff And One Of My Favorite Voices In Actor Keith David Can Not Save Us From The Crap & Boredom That Comes With A Movie Starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Wing Commander (1999)
Sometimes Giving An Adaptation To The Guy Who Creates The Source Material Is Not The Right Move

Spider Woman: Death's Web (2005)
A Not Known Thai Horror Film That Should Never Be Known For Many Reasons

Kraken: Tentacles Of The Deep (2006)
Jerry O'Connell's Brother Stars In This Mess That Involves An Evil Entity That Squeezes Anything That Tries To Take Its Prize........And Of Course, A Giant Octopus

Night Shadow (2005)
I Always Feel Like...........A Werewolf's Watching Me And I Got No Privacy

Poll Closes November 26, 2011 at 12 AM

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