Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monster Crap September Inductee Poll

Well, I have completed the induction of Monsturd......for the most part. All that is left for me to do is post it and find out which induction will be next so as to end this induction with a preview of the next. This time however will be alot easier to choose because there will only be six choices. Here are your options...

Spaced Invaders (1990)
The Filmmakers Were Definately More Spaced Out Than The Aliens Were

Hobgoblins 2 (2008)
The Sequel To The Movie That Has Become A Favorite To Fans Of MST3K Is Here & Boy Is It Bad

Drive Thru (2007)
Horny The Clown Makes Us Love While Killing Annoying Teens

Dragonball: Evolution (2009)
The Level Of Suck To This Film Is Over 9,000

The Unborn (2009)
More Like Stillborn

Madman (1982)
Watch Out For The Cross Between Wilfred Brimley & Harry From Harry & The Hendersons

Those are your six choices so this one shouldnt be as difficult to decide as past polls were.

Poll ends August 21.....at 12 AM

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