Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kane is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

As you may have remembered in my See No Evil induction, I mentioned that Glen Jacobs' portrayal as Kane (The Undertaker's brother) was my favorite character in the WWE. The man is a scary looking dude and he portrayed the role of a sadistic brother very well. But sadly, WWE missed the boat so many times with the guy by giving him some of the worst storylines immaginable. But Kane was a trooper and had at several times been offered to be world champion, only for him to turn it down in favor of giving it to a younger guy.

On Sunday, July 17............WWE had their first ever Money In The Bank pay per view and these ladder matches where if you get the briefcase, you can get a title shot whenever you want up until an entire year. On the Smackdown version of the Money In The Bank ladder match, Kane was one of the eight participants who would compete in this match. Now since Kane was the guy I said he was, I pegged him as the last guy I expected to win the briefcase and what do you know, he won the match.

An hour later, Rey Mysterio would successfully defend his title against Jack Swagger and when Jack attempted a post-match beatdown, Kane would come to the aid of Mysterio and chase Jack Swagger to the back. At this point, I mentioned to others that I could see Kane being the first person to cash in his briefcase and lose because of Kane's past. As soon as I finished that, Kane's music hit and Kane came back with his briefcase. Kane then decided to cash in his briefcase that night (to the biggest pop of the night). A chokeslam and tombstone piledriver later, Kane would become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane got the biggest pop of the night because despite all of the crap storylines WWE had given him, fans respected the fact that he was a trooper. You kids and women can have your John Cenas, but for guys who love the business like I do......we will take a man like Kane, whose biggest fault was that he was too nice of a guy.

So congratulations Glen Jacobs aka Kane on your much deserved World Title win and here is to hoping you get a decent sized reign because if anyone in this company deserves to be given a reward for all the hard work and for being as humble as he is, it is Glen Jacobs.


  1. couldnt agree more, Kane is certainly well deserved as far as a championship reign goes - here's hoping to a long and lengthy reign, Kane is champion is both long overdue and fresh for smackdown, i wont like it if he loses it so soon, especially to undertaker

  2. i'd want kane to leave an unending legacy like the undertyaker.. kane has been one of the best guys ever in the business

  3. I agree with you all! Kane should of won this title years ago.
    It would piss me off to see him lose matches that you knew were in his favor to begin with.
    Its kanes time and there's no one to stop him.
    Since summer slam; till now.. October. 2 month reign!!!
    Hope he holds it all thru next year. ..and gets more title shots after this.
    Let's hope.. Wait and see.