Thursday, December 10, 2009

Co-hosting on Superfriends on

Folks, I am a wrestling fan and one of the sites I go to is (on my Links section now). A few weeks ago....I was offered a chance to guest co-host one of the shows know as The Superfriends occasionally by host Big D and I accepted. Wednesday, December 10 was the first show I did as co-host and the topic is Part One of something that I hold dear to my childhood. That topic is 90s cartoons and let me say that I had alot of fun doing it so expect me to show up when they decide to do part 2. Also expect me to return occassionally as it is fun to talk with other people about things that are important. Below is a link to the entire show which can be replayed.

It was fun and hopefully we (Big D, myself, and Ed DiFolco) will have more fun continuing our talk about the fun cartoons of the 90s. I will provide links to the shows once I return on the mic.

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