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Monster Crap Inductee: The New Mutants (2020 GINO Award Winner)

Monster Crap Inductee: The New Mutants
More Like The Lame Mutants
2020 GINO Award Winner
2021 has already been a hell of a year for me. A lot of personal shit has happened including me getting COVID-19 a few days after I posted the GINO Award poll and ending up in the hospital on the last day before I closed that poll. So yeah, 2020 was a bad year and we had plenty of bad movies. But thankfully, you all decided on a film that didn’t make my Top 25 worst films of the years, however….you probably already knows that doesn’t mean I liked this.
So this is a movie that has an interesting and depressing backstory. You might remember that Fox had a whole successful run with X-Men movies with X-Men and X2: X-Men United. Then they had bad films like X3: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then they got another success streak with X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. But then they had another disappointment in X-Men: Apocalypse.
They Somehow Found A Way To Make One Of My Favorite X-Men Series Villains Lame
Then there was word that Fox was going to sell all of its movie and several of its TV division to Disney so when it came time for the film that was set up in X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, one actress just wanted to be killed off quickly and many of the actors just wanted to get that film over with because they knew this wasn’t going to go any further since Disney would own them soon. Yeah, not even the huge successes of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 (which Fox did a Christmas PG version of and that delayed the releases of all their films like X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants), could save Fox from wanting out of the movie business. Then in 2019, the sale went through and Disney owned all past and upcoming Fox films (they quickly changed those film company names from 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight to 20th Century Films and Searchlight). So no matter what happened, this New Mutant films was dead on arrival as far as interest goes. However, that wasn’t helped by another delay and then COVID happening so ultimately when this film finally comes out, we just all wanted to get it over it.
Now as far as the cast is concerned, it isn’t a terrible cast. You have Maisie Williams, most known as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. You have Anna Taylor-Joy, most known at that point as Thomason from 2015’s The Witch. You have Charlie Heaton, most known as Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things. You have Alice Braga, who had big roles in such films as I Am Legend, Elysium, and Predators. Even in a small part, you had Adam Beach, a very good actor from the Canadian First Nations who was in Flags of Our Fathers and Windtalkers, although I knew who he was from a film he did when he was younger.
It Was A Great Film About Two Native American Young Adults Going On A Journey To Get Another Native Americans Remains, One Who One Of The Two Saw As A Hero Who He Looked Up To And The Other Was The Dead Guy’s Kid Who Kind Of Resents Him.
You also had the director of The Fault Of Our Stars (which while not my type of film, is liked by a majority of people). Unfortunately, that one has a double edged sword as he only directed two movies and as we saw with Ava DuVernay (director of Selma), when she tried to get into a different genre with A Wrinkle In Time, you might be ill-prepared to do the new genre and make a complete mess of a film. So let’s get into this film.
We start this film with someone saying that there is a Native American proverb that says there are two bears forever locked in combat for your soul. One bear is all things good and one bear is all things evil.
And This Is How We Get Our Opening Title Screen
We then go to a dad waking up his daughter and saying they have to go because of an apparent tornado.
This Is Dani Moonstar (The Person Whose Voice You Heard At The Beginning) And Her Dad William.
Other people are in trouble and William tells his daughter Dani to hide in a hole on a tree while he goes to help the others. Of course, she doesn’t want her dad to leave her, but he has to as the head of their tribe. Unfortunately, William gets killed by an unseen entity that we only hear its roar.
Bye Adam Beach, Thanks For Coming. We Might Need You For Some Flashback Scenes…But For The Most Part, You’re Job Here Is Done.
Dani is grief stricken over her dad being dead and runs further away before ultimately getting knocked out because she tripped and hit her head on a rock.

We then cut to her at an hospital and the first thing she sees is someone hiding in the air ducts looking at her.

The person hiding in the air ducts leaves and we see that Dani has been strapped with one arm to the bed. She drags the bed pretty easily and looks outside and also sees the windows are barred. She moves the bed back to where it belongs and sees a camera, so she yells at it to see if anyone is there (well, besides the person she saw in the air ducts). She tries to leave, but the doors are locked. She wants to leave, but finally a voice from the PA system tells her to calm down as she is on her way to meet her. The person on the PA system reveals themselves as Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

Cecilia tells Dani that she is safe now. The doctor is allowed to come in and frees Dani’s arm from the strap. Cecilia tells Dani that an F-5 tornado touched down on their reservation and that she is the only survivor. Dani doesn’t believe this and says whatever it was, was growling and was chasing them. Cecilia wonders what that could be, but Dani can’t answer. Cecilia then tells her that sometimes trauma can make us remember things differently than what they really are. Cecilia then gives Dani a bear necklace that the doctor believes is hers.

Cecilia then takes Dani to her office and as they talk, you realize one thing really quick.
The Actress Who Is Playing Dani Moonstar Is So Not Good Here. So Of Course….She Is The Main Freaking Character.
Anyway, they talk about survivor’s guilt and that Dani has something that was able to allow her to make it out of a reservation-wiping tragedy without a scratch. Cecilia then talks about mutants and that this hospital is for mutants, which in that case should tell you that Dani is a mutant. Dani wonders what her mutant powers are and Cecilia tells her that they will to figure that out together. Dani asks how Cecilia knows she is a mutant, to which the doctor explains that her employer has the ability to recognize mutant powers (kind of making you think that her employer is Professor X of the X-Men who has that ability). Cecilia tells her that Dani isn’t alone as there are other patients here as this is a hospital for young mutants like herself.
Cecilia shows Dani to her room and says that she has clothes and toiletries so she can get ready to join the others. Dani wonders how long she has to stay there and Cecilia tells her that she has to stay there until she sees that she is no longer a danger to regular people and herself. Cecilia leaves to let Dani get some rest, but before she does…she has to once again confirm that Dani’s entire reservation was wiped out and that everyone she knows there is dead.
The next day, Cecilia has a group meeting with her other patients and asks them about the first time when their mutations manifested itself. No one answers, but here are the rest of this group.
Sam Guthrie
Illyana Rasputin (With Her Dragon Puppet Lockheed, Who I Will Get To In A Second)
Roberto de Costa
And Rahne Sinclair
Let’s get into Lockheed for a second because this film will have you associate Lockheed with Illyana here and while Lockheed did bond a bit with Illyana in the comics, the dragon’s main companion who it was associated with is Kitty Pryde, who was in the X-Men universe already and had a big role that was played by Ellen Page, before she became Elliot Page.

Now considering that Kitty Pryde has been used in the previous X-Men, but not the rebooted X-Men universe, you probably could have had a Kitty Pryde in this film, but she was never a New Mutant. And Lockheed is a very liked character among X-Men fans so they needed to also bring him in so if not Kitty Pryde, then the next best thing is Illyana here so this change to Lockheed is not a complete betrayal of the character.
Cecilia tells them all that they can’t help each other if they do not open up. Cecilia is about to ask Rahne to start when Dani comes in the room. Cecilia introduces everyone to Dani and Roberto laughs for some reason. Cecilia then returns to Rahne and Rahne reveals the first time her powers was when she was 13. She remembers running through the woods and feeling free, but guilty as well because she knew it was bad. She went to a priest to see if he could pray it out of her and the priest beat her nearly half to death, because he believed she was a witch.
Cecilia then asks if anyone else wants to share their story of the first time their powers manifested. Immediately, Illyana asks Dani how fucked up she is as the Native American is the new girl. Cecilia scolds Illyana and then has to scold Roberto as he hopes she is a nymphomaniac. Cecilia then tells them that they have to think about how they want to use their time at this hospital and when Illyana stands up to leave, Cecilia makes her show Dani around the place.
Immediately we find out that Illyana and Lockheed (who she speaks for) do not like Dani. Illyana is mean as hell to Dani and then makes Dani be lookout while she spray paints a part of the front statue on the property.

Illyana reveals that Dr. Reyes says the nearest town is 20 miles away and that the gates are open so she can try to run away. Dani tries to do so, but finds out that there is a force field around the property

Of course, Illyana knew this and lied to her just to see her run into it. Illyana tells her that this isn’t a hospital and is actually a cage. Dani tries to attack her, but Illyana teleports out of the way since she can go into a different dimension and come out of it elsewhere. Oh and a wolf is watching.
Yeah, Spoiling This Now For Those Who Hadn’t Figured This Out From Her Story, But That’s Rahne.
Dani screams her anger at all of this As a clocktower bell rings, she is reminded of her past few minutes with her dad, which we already saw. We then go to Dani ripping open pieces of the clock in the clocktower so she can try to kill herself.

But Rahne comes by and asks Dani what she is doing.

Rahne is able to convince her off the ledge and back into the clocktower by telling her there is a higher reason she is still alive while they have passed away. Cecilia was not happy that Dani went off unaccounted for, but she was only worried and nothing else. Meanwhile, we see Sam’s mutant abilities in that he can propel himself into the air.

We find out that Sam is doing this so he can learn to land as he hasn’t been good at that part yet. At the cafeteria, Rahne tells Dani that Sam had to drop out of school to work in the mines with his dad. Rahne then reveals that Roberto is the son of perhaps the richest family in Brazil and his power is unknown as he won’t tell anyone, but they know he has something as his parents sent him here to be cured.
At night, Dani and Rahne say goodbye to each other as it is bedtime for them. Rahne once again says that Cecilia is good and she is watching out for them with the cameras. As many sleep, Roberto and Sam are in the laundry room doing laundry and talking to each other. Sam mentions to Roberto that anytime Roberto’s shirt gets dirty, he throws it away. Roberto then gives Sam the shirt instead. Roberto asks Sam if it was scary working in the mines, which Sam responds that it was.
Suddenly, psionic energy is detected from Dani’s dreams.

We see Dani’s dreams which are her people running around from the disaster that is happening and a roar being ever so present. This psionic energy causes all the power to go out. But there is backup power which Roberto is easily able to turn on. Roberto gets back to his talk with Sam and tells him that no one could get him to go in one of those things even if they paid him a million dollars. It becomes quite clear that Roberto and Sam (being the only two guys in this hospital) are friends despite their obvious financial situations. Roberto leaves and suddenly Sam hears something coming from the washing machine. He then starts getting visions of the mine despite him knowing that he is at the hospital.

Suddenly, the miners stop working and look at him. The last miner is Sam’s dad and he asks Sam what he did. The miners attack and Sam gets rocketed away from the washing machine.

Dani wakes up from her nightmare and looks at the camera, which says that additional analysis is required for her.

Daytime comes and Illyana is still being a bitch to Dani. Dani then sees Rahne in the showers with a W branded on her back.

Dani goes to shower and asks if there are any cameras here, but Rahne reassures her that this is the only place where there isn’t any. Rahne says that there still could be mics so no talking in the showers. Dani comments on the W as she thinks it is body art, but Dani says it wasn’t her idea. When Dani asks what it stands for, Rahne doesn’t want to talk about it….although if you paid attention in that group meeting where she told her backstory, you could guess pretty easily.
We go to Sam looking at the mirror and is so upset, he slaps himself several times with his hands that he uses to propel himself with. 
Stupid, Sam…..Stupid, Sam
It is then time for meditation and the only one who isn’t meditating is Illyana so you know she is gonna act a fool. Then Rahne and Illyana watch TV and of course the Buffy the Vampire scene where Willow and Tara make out (with Rahne watching close to the screen) while Sam and Roberto are playing foosball when Dani arrives in this rec room. And Illyana calls her standing rock and asks if she wants a buffalo wing (making more fun of her heritage). Sam wants Illyana to leave her alone, but Dani says that she doesn’t need him speaking up for her. Dani says bitches like Illyana don’t scare her and then Illyana tells Dani to show on the puppet where daddy touched her. With that insult, Dani takes her puppet which makes Illyana mad. They shove with the boys trying to separate and Dani is insulted that Dani doesn’t know her power yet despite being 16 years old. Dani headbutts Illyana and Illyana creates armor around her arm and a beam sword.

Illyana is about to strike, but Cecilia comes and puts a force field around Dani so the force field doesn’t hit.

Cecilia scolds Illyana for using her power and scolds both her and Dani for fighting, forcing them into isolation in their rooms while the rest have to go to sleep at 10 pm. Apparently, Dani can here through the walls and hears Illyana heading to bed. Once again, it is shown that Dani’s psionic powers are showing again. We then see Illyana having a nightmare of when she was a child with the Lockheed puppet and hiding under the covers from the skinny men with smiley face masks.
Are You Serious With This Crap, Movie????
In her room, Dani dreams that it is snowing. The snow suddenly turns to red as in blood and Dani’s psionic power is so strong now that it knocks out the camera feed. An anomaly has been detected so Cecilia has to go and take care of it. Something starts coming to Dani and then we see what has been tormenting her.
A Demon Bear
Yep….that is the main thing that she thinks killed her dad and others. Let’s talk about this Demon Bear for a moment. Yes, the Demon Bear (as it is called) does exist in the comic books so I am not going to laugh it off completely. However, it looks really stupid in this film and the comics had a more interesting idea for this beast in it being both her parents captured by something called The Adversary and turned into this Demon Bear. But that was too hard so in this film, the Demon Bear is just something she created in her mind and dreams.
Back to the movie, the Demon Bear is about to attack Dani when Dani wakes up from the nightmare thanks to Cecilia who hears the screams and just so happens to be there.

Cecilia sees that she is wet with blood and Dani wonders what is happening to her. Meanwhile the computer that is using these cameras analyzes Dani’s psionic energy and determines that a blood sample must be taken as her powers are undetermined and also that she is to be monitored around others. Cecilia immediately takes Dani’s blood sample to see what is going on and talks about Cecilia’s mom was a vet who had to take care of a lot of pets with rattlesnake bites. She mentions that baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than their adult counterparts because they haven’t learned to control how much venom comes out of their fangs. She then says that the mutants we see today as heroes have probably hurt someone the first time they used their powers. Cecilia says that is why new mutants (title drop) need to be sequestered and isolated so they don’t hurt others or themselves. Cecilia says her superior runs a facility for gifted mutants (again, making you think of Professor X) and she can move there after this sequestering if she wants. It is mentioned that Cecilia has noticed that Rahne and Dani have become friends, which Cecilia likes since Rahne is a good influence.
Rahne goes to the church with the now broken clocktower. She goes to the confessional and confesses her sins. Suddenly a sound is made of someone entering the church and we then see the door open to the confessional on the other side where the priest is supposed to be. The door then closes and a mutter is heard of the word “witch”. Rahne is scared and leaves the confessional and the confessional starts saying that Rahne is a witch and it will flay her flesh from her bones.
I Bet No One Had Talking Confessionals On Their Bingo Cards For This Film
Dani runs out of the church and starts praying while saying that demons can’t come in churches. Dani knocks on Rahne’s door so we can all say that Rahne was having a nightmare there. Illyana, Sam, and Roberto go past them and Roberto invites them to a place they only go when Cecilia is sleeping, but Illyana doesn’t want to invite them. Sam invites both Dani and Rahne anyway. The place they hang out at is an attic.

Illyana decides they should play a game and the game is to use a lie detector and see if someone can fool the machine. Roberto is up first and they ask him how many girls he has been with. He tries to lie and saying he lost count, but the machine catches his lie. He then tries to say three, but of course that is another lie. When Dani asks why not, Roberto says he gets too hot which Sam snickers at. Roberto then says it is Sam’s turn.
Sam gets hooked up and we see that he is holding a piece of coal. Rahne asks what the coal is for and Sam says his dad gave it to him….right before he died. Dani says she is sorry and Sam says that she shouldn’t be. Sam says he belongs here and Dani doesn’t know if any of them belong here, but Sam says he does. Dan wants to ask why, but Illyana says it is now Dani’s turn.
Of course, Illyana says she doesn’t need to hook Dani up because she can tell if Dani is lying. Illyana asks what is Dani’s power and Dani says she doesn’t know. Illyana says she knew Dani was going to say that so she then asks what is with the “stupid bear” necklace, which Dani says like Sam, her dad made it for her. Illyana is bored and Rahne asks why. Dani then talks about how when she was little, she was really afraid of the dark and her dad so her dad told her the legend of the bear, the Demon Bear. The Demon Bear lives inside of everyone and feeds off of our fear. When you are born, the bear is tiny and weak. But when you grow older, the bear grows bigger and stronger. Her dad made the necklace so she can remember when the bear was small so she can remember to never be afraid.
Illyana is done with this story and decides it is her turn on the lie detector. She is hooked up and Dani asks Illyana why she is here. Illyana lies and says she killed eighteen men. The machine says she is telling the truth and Illyana says that she is the most powerful mutant here. Of course, what they don’t know is there is actually a camera in the room and Cecilia is watching.
At the next group meeting, Cecilia says that the topic for this meeting is Obedience. She says that if they have any hope to leaving here and going to her superior’s facility, they have to be trusted. Sam asks what happens if they don’t want to move on to her boss’ place and what if they want to just go home. Cecilia then tells Sam that if he wasn’t here, he would be in prison or worse. Sam then talks about how what happened was an accident and Cecilia wonders if anyone outside this room would believe that. Dani says she would as Sam is a good guy and Sam says even if he isn’t, is he supposed to spend his entire life in this facility for one mistake. Cecilia responds that he can leave when he gets better and asks what is wrong with Sam today. Sam then talks about the things he is seeing and the terrible nightmares he is having. Sam wonders when he will get better and Cecilia tells him he will be better when she says so. Sam leaves as he thinks this is all bullshit.
Others leave afterwards and later, we see the group seeing Cecilia go to sleep. Illyana reveals that she may have spiked Dr. Reyes’ drink so she could sleep. They then decide to have fun, dance, play loud music, and roll around in the wheelchairs for fun. Illyana pretends to be a doctor and jokingly says her diagnosis is that all of them are the worst mutants that she has ever seen. She then says therefore, her superior will be very disappointed in her and she surmises that she may even receive a spanking. Dani then wonders who the superior is that she is talking about all the times. Roberto thinks that it must be Professor Xavier (though never saying his name) and they are being groomed to join the X-Men. Rahne says she wouldn’t mind being a member and Illyana goes back to being mean by asking why they would need a dog.
Later on, Rahne asks Dani to come with her as she wants to show her something. They go into the air vents while Roberto and Sam have another buddy conversation. Sam reveals his past and says one day while working in the mines, he got claustrophobic and couldn’t breathe. Basically, his powers manifested at that moment and he blasted out of the mine, which caused the deaths of his dad and his crew. He hasn’t been able to forgive himself. Sam asks what Roberto did, but Roberto still doesn’t want to admit what he did yet and leaves.
Meanwhile, Dani and Rahne get out of the air vents and are outside. Rahne says she was always afraid that Cecilia would find this escape path, but Dani says that Cecilia is about to find out a lot more soon. They go through the graveyard and they lay down.
Christ, Does No One Have Respect For The Dead????
They then see the rain hitting the force field, which makes a cool effect.

Dani then talks about how her father would talk about how our souls are trapped in our bodies and in death, our souls are free. We then see that Dani and Rahne might be in love with each other, which is confirmed when they kiss.

We then see Roberto looking at a picture of him with a woman.

Roberto then hears some humming and sees Illyana in the pool doing the backstroke. Roberto asks if Illyana wants company which Illyana accepts, but he has to turn off the lights. Roberto takes off his clothes and turns off the lights before diving into the pool. Illyana wonders if he is scared because she thinks he is. She then says that Roberto has to catch her. They start making out in the pool, but suddenly, Roberto starts getting hot. Roberto says he can’t keep doing this make out and needs a second to cool down. Roberto reveals that when he was with his girlfriend and they were making out, he burned her to death with his mutant powers. Illyana tells Roberto that he won’t burn her, but he does need to catch her again. Illyana then goes underwater, but doesn’t come out. Roberto tries looking for her and we find via the cameras is that Illyana was never in the pool as she was still in her room. What instead was in the pool with him was the zombified corpse of his girlfriend who burnt to death. Roberto tries to swim away from the corpse and get out of the pool, the burnt zombie still follows.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off and both Rahne and Dani decide to go back into the facility. This wakes up Cecilia who locks the secret control room while she goes to check what is wrong. Sam wonders what is wrong, but Cecilia tells him to go in his room (an order Sam doesn’t follow as he follows her instead). Dani and Rahne get to the pool first and see Roberto in his full form as a guy on fire.
Although This Pose Makes Him Look Like He Is Dancing, He Is Screaming

Cecilia comes in and uses a pool mop to push Roberto into the pool, which cools Roberto off.

Illyana then comes in wondering what was going on. Roberto looks at Illyana weirdly before we cut to the next scene where Roberto wants to leave the facility. He says that Illyana tried to kill him and Illyana says she didn’t do anything. Cecilia says that the cameras show that Illyana was in her room the whole time. Roberto says that he wants to call the authorities and leave, but Cecilia tries to remind him that she is the doctor and they don’t leave until she says they can. Illyana then says that Cecilia is not a doctor and she knows people like her who like to keep kids trapped in cages. Cecilia then says that while Illyana wasn’t in the pool, Cecilia knows what Illyana did to her so she is going to help everyone clean this mess in the pool. Illyana says she won’t do it which gets her immediately locked in her room.
Daylight comes and it is the next day. Cecilia gives Dani a tranquilizer and observes her brainwaves while asking a series of question. Cecilia first asks what is the last thing Dani remembers before coming here, which Dani responds by saying what we all saw in the beginning. Then Dani starts seeing a training ground with mutants that is definitely not part of Professor Xavier’s Mutant Academy. Cecilia asks if she can control her powers and Dani says she doesn’t think she can.
We go to Illyana’s room as her door suddenly creaks open and as Illyana opens it completely, she sees a painting of the smiley face guy.

Meanwhile, Rahne is taking a shower when she sees an image of the priest who assaulted her when she was younger and called her a witch.

The showers turn to steam and Rahne tries to turn to a wolf, but the priest stops her and brands her with a W on the front.
Both Sam and Roberto hear her screams and come to her aid. Cecilia goes as well and Dani unhooks herself from the machine to check her brain so she can dozily follow. The open the bathroom and only a wolf comes out of the room. It goes so far before she changes back to Rahne and then we see the new W on her neck.

When Dani asks what happened, Illyana pops in and accuses Dani of doing all of this with her powers. Illyana uses her mutant powers and is attacks Dani, showing her the dimension she goes to. As Dani is struggling to breathe, she sees Illyana’s fear of the smiley face and creates a smiley face mask for herself, which scares Illyana into letting go.

Dani is sedated, but she says that Dani will kill them all. We go back to Illyana being locked in her room and coloring. There is a knock at her door and it’s Dani who tells Illyana that something is happening to the Native American and she can’t control it. Dani then asks about the place Illyana took her (thinking it is hell) and Illyana says it isn’t hell, but is instead Limbo, which is a place Illyana and Lockheed made up. Dani then gives Illyana back the Lockheed puppet that she dropped. Illyana then gives the background story about Limbo being a place where Illyana and Lockheed went to in their minds when something bad was going to happen and they went there so much as well as stayed there so long that it became real.
Dani then reveals that she saw a memory that wasn’t hers and asks who were the smiley faced men. Illyana says that she never knew the names, but they were all the same as they would do things to little Illyana that made them smile. Meanwhile, Cecilia gets a note from her superiors that she needs to kill Dani.

We also know now that Cecilia’s superiors are not from the Mutant Academy, but instead the Essex Corporation.

Anyone who has read the comics knows that is bad as the Essex Corporation is run by a huge X-Men villain in Mr. Sinister.

That night, Dani is talking to Rahne who tells her that the person she saw was the priest who tortured her back in the day for being a witch. Rahne wants Dani to come in and explains that she is not afraid of her. Dani feels responsible as it may have been her powers who made him become a reality. Rahne then comforts her and tells her that even if that were true, it still isn’t her fault. Dani then explains that she saw a place where kids were being trained to use their mutant powers for bad things and she doesn’t think this place is a hospital. And she thinks after they leave this place, they go there and not the Mutant Academy. Cecilia calls for Dani to come to her lab. Dani goes because she believes that if Cecilia pokes drugs in her again, that she may see more about this bad place and maybe a way out of this place. They kiss again before Dani leaves.
Cecilia forces Rahne to stay outside and wheels Dani into a special room, which is a surgical observatory. In this special room, Cecilia straps Dani down, talks about how her family had to put down her family dog because it went feral, starts zipping a body bad, and before Dani can escape, gives Dani a gas to knock her out.

Now let’s talk about this evil version of Dr. Cecilia Reyes. You remember where I said Lockheed is not completely a betrayal of the comic book origins and had a reason for things being different? Well, Cecilia here being evil and working for the Essex Corporation, is exactly a betrayal of the comics as Cecilia in no iteration has ever been evil and in fact, was one of the few mutants who decided that while having powers is cool, she just wants to leave a normal life. In no way would the Cecilia Reyes that people know in the comics ever knowingly work for the Essex Corporation or Mister Sinister for that matter.
Illyana and Sam are doing stuff while more Buffy the Vampire Player clips are playing when Rahne arrives. Suddenly, they hear strange music and go to investigate. Illyana stands up as she knows that song and leaves to see what it is, with Sam and Rahne following.
Rahne goes to get Cecilia. It of course is coming from Illyana’s room and once they open the door, they see the smiley face man.

The man takes off his mask to reveal his true hideous face.
I Think This Is The Point Where I Just Laughed At How Silly This Effect Looks And How Dumb This Movie Is.
Sam tries to say the creature cannot hurt them so of course, when the creature starts coming after them, they run. They then run into more of those creatures.
Oh I Should Mention That Marilyn Manson Does The Noises For These Creatures
They knock out Sam before one of them tries to abscond with Illyana.

Sam grabs a fire extinguisher and hits the creature that had Illyana with it, which frees Illyana so Sam and Illyana can continue to run away. Meanwhile, Roberto has headphones on and is listening to music while washing the dishes so he can’t hear any of the chaos going on. Unfortunately, he isn’t distracted long as one of the creatures decides to attack him for no damn reason. Roberto uses his fire power to battle it.

Rahne goes to get Cecilia for help, but sees she is not in the room, but hears Dani screaming so she follows the screams and smell since she is able to have wolf abilities along with turning into one. Cecilia explains to Dani that Dani is the most powerful mutant they have ever had and therefore uncontrollable so she must be put down before she becomes a threat as she puts poison into Dani’s IV.

Suddenly, Cecilia starts hearing something and Rahne pops out of the ducts.

Rahne attacks Cecilia and Cecilia is able to run away. Rahne takes the IV out of Dani and after a few minutes of concern that it might have been too late, Dani signals that she is still alive.

A scarred and bleeding Cecilia runs into Sam and Illyana, who want her help from the creature. Dr. Reyes, being completely evil now, just runs the other way, ignoring them.
Fuck This Shit, I’m Out
Sam and Illyana run away from the creatures, but get cornered. Illyana uses her powers to disappear, leaving Sam all alone. Sam is uses his jet propulsion powers to get away.

Sam runs into Roberto, who is trying to get past the force field to escape the building (he’s having no luck in that department). They try to go to the stairs, but the creatures are coming down them. That’s when Illyana shows up with her energy sword and starts cutting the creatures to pieces.

Roberto finds that so hot.
Meanwhile, Cecilia is bleeding while we see that Dani and Rayne have gotten into Cecilia’s office. There they all are put up to date about how Cecilia has been lying to them and was going to make them mutant killers for the Essex Corporation. Dani then says that as a group they can get out of this so they try to work together to stop Cecilia and escape this place.
They follow the blood left by Cecilia and Cecilia decides to be on the PA monitor saying that in today’s lecture, she wants to talk about responsibility. She says they have a responsibility for their treatment so they need to go to their rooms right now. She says that if they disobey or try to leave the facility, she has a responsibility to stop them no matter what it takes. They find Cecilia in the infirmary and Sam asks what is the Essex Corporation. Cecilia says it is a scientific organization founded by her superiors and if it wasn’t for her, they would be dead a long time ago. She then puts force fields around all of them.
Why Yes….They Did Screw Up The CGI To Have Sam’s Hand Outside The Force Field Because No, It Isn’t Going To Be Cut Off.
Cecilia wants them all to calm down and shortens Dani’s force field in an attempt to suffocate her with the lack of oxygen since no oxygen can get in these force fields. She then says Dani’s power is that she takes their darkest fear and uses it against you…..and it is a threat to everything she and the Essex Corporation have worked so hard for. Dani is fading, but Dani’s fear comes to life and yes, the Demon Bear kills Cecilia.

With Cecilia dead, all the force fields are gone. Rahne tries to check on Dani again and reveals that she won’t wake up. We see Dani has entered her own dream, which has a bunch of ash and corpses.

Meanwhile, the Demon Bear returns and the mutants have to run away because the Demon Bear is only after Dani since it is her greatest fear. Illyana tells the rest to take Dani to a safe place while she deals with the Demon Bear. Illyana then goes to the Limbo dimension. Illyana then shows up outside with her energy sword and Lockheed is now an actual dragon.

They battle the Demon Bear and Roberto says while watching that he is going to marry that girl.

Eh…..You Might Want To Talk To Her Brothers Colossus (of The X-Men) and Mikhail Before You Make Such A Declaration.
As Roberto is forced to hold Dani despite his fear or hurting her and they all go to the church, Sam decides that he will aid Illyana in dealing with the Demon Bear. Rahne takes Dani while telling Roberto to hide. Rahne then keeps repeating to herself that demons can’t come in churches. Rahne then prays that Dani wakes up in the confessional.
Oh By The Way, This Demon Bear Can Enter Churches With No Problem
Rahne tries to still get Dani to wake up while keeping them away from the Demon Bear, who is dealing with Illyana and Sam. We go back to Dani’s dreams where she sees a wolf and knows it is Rahne in her dreams. Outside of the dream, both Sam, Illyana, and Lockheed get taken out of the battle and after some prodding from Sam, Roberto decides to join the fight.
Man, Roberto Here Looks Like He Needs To Take A Massive Shit. Probably Had Too Much Feijoada (It’s The National Brazilian Dish And It’s Basically A Bean Stew).
Roberto does well, but eventually also gets taken out by the Demon Bear. Finally, Rahne has to show her fangs to the Demon Bear since yeah, Dani still has not waken up and is hiding in her dreams.

Dani finally gets visited in her dreams by her father.
Hey Guys….I’m Back In This Movie
Dani’s dad William also tells her she needs to wake up and that it isn’t her fault that he and the other members of that reservation are dead. Dani says the bear is too big, but William says that she is bigger. Dani finally wakes up and starts telling the bear to stop. This actually works as with the bear, seeing that Dani is no longer afraid of it, becomes calm and eventually disappears.

Daylight breaks as everyone is happy that the danger is gone.
Oh And Roberto Might Need Some Clothes
Dani thanks all of them with helping her conquer her fears. Oh and Roberto now has clothes so that was just something for the ladies.
Extremely Quick To Get His Clothes On
Sam throws a rock and they all realize that the dome is gone so they can escape. They leave the now destroyed remains of the facility they were all in and we end with Dani repeating the beginning narrative about the two bears and once again showing that you just watched The New Mutants.
And No Mid Or End Credits Scene For This Film So Yes, This Is How The Fox X-Men Universe Ends.
So as you might have surmised when it was delayed and delayed, the movie was not that well received by critics and it didn’t make its budget back in the box office. The Fox X-Men Universe did not end with a bang, but a whimper. As for the cast, many of them still had their roles on their main shows, although Masie Williams’ (who played Rahne) role in Game of Thrones ended with the show ending. Anya-Taylor Joy has gone on to be in the hit Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit. Other than that, it is way too early to see if any of them have better things in their future….well, except for Marilyn Manson who is not having better things since it was just revealed that he was an abusive piece of shit to his ex-girlfriends and has basically been dropped by his record label.
So now my final thoughts on this film. It is definitely not a good film. While most of the CGI is okay, some of it (definitely the smiley faced men) were bad. The acting definitely uninspired and even worse, the actress behind the lead character was definitely not good at the role, which when the lead is bad, kills most of the film. Also, despite all that has happened in this film, it all appears to be an extremely boring film.
So I have finally gotten this induction done after weeks of personal BS going on in my life. It is time for the next induction.
It’s Been A While

I would say it’s one I was enjoying, but you know personally I did not enjoy this time without you so it was basically the freaking same as being with you. It sucked and I hated every second of dealing with it. So just tell me what is next and be gone so maybe I can have some peace.

Oh I see we are very upset right now. So I won’t delay any longer.
Originally, I planned on having this be decided by you, but I remembered a certain film that was supposed to be my 200th induction.
So….you are making me do a film that was released this year with no GINO poll. Well, I was going to do it for my 200th so I have no room to complain.
True that it was release this year, but most of it was filmed in 1980. So folks…..the next induction is…